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Bosch Magnetos

   Below are prices for Rebuilt Bosch Magnetos. We may or may not have these units in stock ready to go but if we don't we should be able to build you one. If you have a core we usually can rebuild it for less. We also buy magneto cores. Call or e-mail us with what you have or what you need. Rewound coils and rebuilt condensers available.

AB33 Many F/M Engines $500.00 $375.00
AB34 Many F/M Engines $500.00 $375.00
DU-2 ZR-2 Oil Pull Tractors $700.00 $475.00
DU4 Add $50.00 for impulse assembly Many Applications $550.00 $450.00
ZR4 Add $50.00 for impulse assembly Many Applications $550.00 $450.00
FU4-2 Hart Parr Tractors $600.00 $450.00
FU4 Many Applications $600.00 $450.00
U Add $50.00 for impulse assembly Many Applications $600.00 $450.00
MJA 1-6 Cyl Many Applications $425.00 $350.00
MJB 1-6 Cyl Many Applications $425.00 $350.00
MJC 1-6 Cyl Many Applications $350.00 $275.00
MJH 1-6 Cyl Many Applications $350.00 $275.00
MJK Cat Pony Engines $400.00 $300.00
S New Idea Engines $375.00 $300.00
AT4 Add $50.00 for impulse assembly Many Applications $525.00 $450.00

Some Bosch History:
   Robert Bosch was born on the 23rd of September 1861 in Albeck near Ulm.
On the first floor of the rear building at Rotebühlstraße 75B in Stuttgart, Robert Bosch opened his “Workshop for precision and electric engineering” on November 15th, 1886.

   Robert Bosch constructed his first magneto by order of a machine builder in 1887. This magneto was used in a stationary gas engine. After developing the high-voltage magneto in 1902, this invention set out to conquer the whole world.

   In 1897, Bosch tested his magneto for the first time with a vehicle. He replaced the temperamental Buzzer Ignition System of a de Dion Bouton tricycle with a low-voltage magneto. After having presented the tricycle to Mr. Daimler and Mr. Maybach, he proudly wrote to a customer: “The magneto still works even with 100 ignitions per minute, and even with up to 600 per minute it functions without skipping even one.”

   In 1903, Camille Jenatzy won the Gordon Bennett race in Ireland. His 60 HP Mercedes racing car was equipped with a Bosch low voltage magneto. His victories turned Jenatzy into a celebrity. His appearance – the red hair, his goggles and his red coat – inspired the Bosch advertising campaign with the “Red Devil”, drawn up by the Stuttgart advertising agency “Propaganda”.

   By now, the magneto had become an international success. The 100,000th magneto type D6 was constructed in 1906. Because of the economic rise of his company, Robert Bosch introduced the eight hour day for his 526 employees.

   To save transport and customs charges, the first Bosch factory, Bosch Magneto Company, was founded in Springfield, Mass. in 1910.

   At the end of 1910, Bosch was the first vehicle outfitter to introduce a complete electrical system consisting of a magneto with spark plug, headlights, alternator and governor switch.

   Co-operation agreement between Bosch and Eisemann 1924
On Robert Bosch's home territory, the only competitor Robert Bosch himself “accepted and respected” (Theodor Heuss) was the Eisemann company, Stuttgart, which had been active in the field of magneto construction since 1899

   Robert Bosch died at the age of eighty on March 12, 1942.

   We ship UPS and Priority Mail.

All our magnetos are guaranteed for 2 years other than routine maintainance. Prices subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typos. Cores that are not serviceable or incomplete will be discounted. Thank You.
Steve & Debbie Belanger

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