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Wico Magneto Tag
Magneto Rebuilding Services
Fairbanks Morse Magneto Tag

   We rebuild Wico, Fairbanks Morse, International Harvester, American Bosch, Eisemann, Robert Bosch, Simms, Dixie, Lucas, well, you name it.

      On average we charge a flat rate of $125.00 labor to rebuild most magnetos plus parts and shipping. Some magnetos are more labor intensive than others, so we reserve the right to charge a little more labor for some, especially if we need to machine or fabricate parts. If we can save you a few dollars and rebuild your mag for less than a rebuilt one, well then thats what we're gonna do! After all, it's not all about money here, it is all about service. Thats the way I was brought up and thats the way I brought up our kids, I hope.

      We have thousands of new and new old stock parts in stock as well as no longer available used refurbished parts on hand and we're adding to our inventory every day. We also have custom rewound coils to suit your needs and can rewind just about any coil for you.

   Rebuilding prices will be quoted prior to completing the job if you request. We tear down, test, and estimate repairs at No Charge to you. If for any reason you decide not to have the job completed you will be responsible for shipping costs only.

   Please note that we do not rebuild aircraft magnetos and none of our parts or services are approved for use in the aviation industry.

   Remember our motto; "We Test, Not Guess"

   We also have rebuilt units for sale Click Here.

   To see a mag going through the rebuilding process Click Here.

   International "E-4A" we rebuilt for Pat from the Virgin Islands. Thanks Pat    Wico "EK" that we rebuilt for Ron in Ontario, Canada. Thanks Ron

All units guaranteed against defects in parts and workmanship for 1 year. Consumer is responsible for shipping costs. Prices subject to change without notice. Not responsible for units left 30 days after completion.

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