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   John's John Deere "GP"

As I am sure you can see by the photos, I am soooo excited! The tractor has not been run all winter, yet, after mounting and timing your newly rebuilt Bosch, three pulls on the flywheel and it started as never before, without hesitation, and continued to run "on choke" until I was able to turn to "run", at which point the engine continued without interruption! This has virtually never happened before, and never in the cold weather. The start on gasoline has always produced much carbon at the exhaust, and then when shifting to kero, misfires have been frequent, even under load. THIS IS ALL A THING OF THE PAST. Gasoline exhaust is now virtually clear ALL the time, and kero exhaust is totally clear, no longer full of intermittent white smoke misfires. Power has been substantially increased on both fuels! Carbon will no longer be a problem!

I'll take credit for diagnosing the problem, but I should have had the mag rebuilt much earlier, saving endless tinkering with the mixtures to no avail. To you goes the credit of a fantastic job of rebuilding both the Bosch, as well as the EK for the Lauson. Many, many thanks for your professionalism, knowledge, and attention to aesthetic detail!

What a joy, and again, thank you!
Brooklin, ME

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