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1928 McCormick-Deering Stationary Engine

   I was deer hunting in back in 1972 or 73 in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  One evening I told the guys about the old engines I just saw at the Greenfield Village Museum.  Then the guy who’s Uncles cabin we where staying in mentioned that he thought there was an old engine like the ones I was talking about on his grandfather’s farm.  So we checked the farm out and sure enough out in the middle of a field and under some boards was an old engine on its side. I managed to buy it and after a couple of months I got it running with some help from the deer hunting gang.
   So now I have an old engine so I contacted Greenfield Village and learned about the Early Engine Club that meets at Greenfield Village.  So I joined the Greenfield Village Early Engine Club and have taken the old engine out there for display many times in the 70’s and 80’s.
   I also found an old potato sprayer pump my Grandfather used on his on his farm.  I can not find the picture that showed the horse drawn tank wagon which had a drive arm lever system coming off one of the rear wagon wheels which ended up cycling the pump.  For display I run the pump.  Then the kids got bigger and things changed so engine sat and one year I missed the Club Membership renewal notice one year.  Now I am retired, rejoined the Early Engine Club at Greenfield Village and now getting things ready display again in the village museum.

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