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International Magnetos

   Below are prices for Rebuilt International Magnetos. We may or may not have these units in stock ready to go but if we don't we should be able to build you one. We have 100's of mag cores in stock. We also buy magneto cores. Call or e-mail us with what you have or what you need.

IH E4A Many Applications $475.00 $400.00
IH F-4 Many Applications $375.00 $300.00
IH F-6 Many Applications $400.00 $330.00
IH H-1 LA, LB 1.5 2.5 Engines 3 to 5 $350.00 $250.00
IH H-4 Many Applications $325.00 $250.00
IH J-4 Cub $375.00 $280.00
IH L 1.5 & 3 M Engines $325.00 $250.00
IH R 6 HP Engines $450.00 $250.00

   We ship UPS and Priority Mail.

All our magnetos are guaranteed for 2 years except for normal maintainance. Consumer is responsible for shipping costs only. Prices subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typos. Cores will be discounted if you do not exchange a complete and serviceable unit. Thank You.
Steve & Debbie Belanger

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