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   This is a magneto that we rebuilt for Robert from Honolulu Hawaii. It's a little Lucas mag and parts are hard to come by. It was in pretty sad shape after we dismantled it. But hey, never fear, 'cause that's why we're here!

   Here's what it looked like after we cleaned it up a bit. What wonders a good cleaning tank, bead blaster, and a little lathe work can do! I thought this little bugger cleaned up real well. Of course, that's only a personal opinion and everyone has their own and rightly so!
   Here it is getting magnetized. I apologize for the photo quality on this one but that's an Allen Magnetizer. I don't think you could buy one today even if you wanted to. It's a great little charger. Above are some of our rebuilds and to the right are some customer mags ready for shipping.
   And now here we are, ready to go to the test bench. It's still mounted on my magneto vise. If you can imagine that vise swivels so I can put a mag in any position securely for working ease or closer inspection. In the background is my messy desk, whoops.
   Sorry I didn't get a photo of this mag on the test bench but this is where we test all our magnetos prior to shipping. On the left is an Allen magneto tester capable of testing up to a 12 cylinder mag. On the right is a Sun 1120 oscilloscope where we can see the output patterns of your coil as well as the make and break of the points.

And that's all folks! Thanks Robert.

All units guaranteed against defects in parts and workmanship for 1 year. Consumer is responsible for shipping costs. Prices subject to change without notice. Not responsible for units left 30 days after completion.

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